A TIMON 7 + 2 people
B PUMBA-- 7 + 2 people


Levin Hakuna Matata (Levi´s Hakuna Matata) is located in "Rakkavaara" of Levi. It is near all the diverce services of Levi.
Hakuna Matata is a one and a half story vacation apartment build from thermolog. It was finished in December 2009.
Equipment is enough even for a demanding holidayer, so the desination can well be called double house instead of a double cottage.

Both sides are mirror images of each other and have the same floor space. The downstairs has floor space about 60 m2 and the upstairs about 30 m2 / apartment.
Both sides also have about 5 m2 outdoor storage space wiht a lock, where one can store their skiing gear. Wood for the fireplace is also located there. The outdoor wall also has two car warming sockets / apartment.

The downstairs has a living room and an open kitchen. Vuoleri´s stone fireplace brings a light source and atmosphere. The downstairs also includes a spacious washing room which has two showers and a laundry washing machine, sauna and a separated WC, which has a hairdryer. The bedroom has a double bed.

The kitchen equipment includes:
- stove
- refrigerator / freezer
- microwave oven
- coffee machine
- waterboiler
- toaster
- pover hand mixer
- complete dishes for 9 people

The upstairs has its own small living room, two bed rooms and a WC.
The other bedroom has a double bed (140 cm wide). The other has two chassis beds. The upstairs living room has one chassis bed and two junior mattresses.

The downstairs and upstairs both have their own fullHD flat screen Televisions. The equpment also includes a radio / cd-player.
Airing cupboard and a cleaning cupbord can be located in the entry. You can find iron and board in the cleaning cupboard. Downstairs in all the places there is floor warming. Upstairs in the bedrooms and in the WC there are electronic heaters.
The apartments also has machine air conditioning, carbon monoxide alarms and fire alarms connected to the mains power.